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For Children

Programs and services especially for children.

Children are important! The Upham Memorial Library believes that children need and deserve information to further expand their learning levels in education, recreation, and intellectual pursuits.

There are many programs offered to serve children of all ages.

Weekly during the school year:

        Story Times    Story time for 3 year old's is 11:15 to 11:45.

                                Story time for 4 & 5 year old's is 11:45-12:45.

       Where: Library on Tuesdays in the library meeting room. This year's theme is the alphabet. Story hour activities center around a different letter each week and the children get involved in activities related to the letter of the week.  Children need a valid library card and a backpack.

Watch for Family Fun Nights, TAB meetings, and special events throughout the year.  These programs will be announced on the website, Facebook, the local paper, and signage around Fredericksburg.

Baby & Toddler Story Time:

This fun program is for 0-3 year olds and their caretakers.  This is a monthly Thursday program.  A morning session is at 10:00 and an evening session is at 6:30.


 Summer Reading Program for all school age children. The program runs for six weeks. Each year there is a different theme and activities. More information about the summer reading program will be posted by the end of April.  There are also special summer reading program events for preschoolers.


Children in the library can:


  • read books                                          
  • play games
  • work on computers                              
  • play with toys
  • talk with their friends
  • do homework                                       
  • volunteer
  • have fun 
  • learn
  • check out books, magazines or movies
  • listen to audio books
  • order books from other libraries (ILL - inter-library loans)


Unattended Children Policy:  Children ages 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The library cannot assume responsibility for the safety of young children. Young children, attending special programs, are the exception.  Children age 8 and over may be left unattended, at the discretion of a responsible adult. They will be subject to the rules and regulations of the library concerning behavior, conduct, and demeanor. Failure to comply will result in the child being asked to leave the library. Failure to leave the library when requested may result in police intervention. At the first request to leave, an attempt will be made to call the child's parent or responsible adult, they will be asked to pick up the child. If the parents cannot be reached, weather conditions or time of day will be considered before the child is told to leave the building. If outside conditions make it inadvisable for the child to leave, police will be called.

The Upham Memorial Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises.

Childrens conduct: Parents or care givers, not library staff, are responsible for the actions and safety of the children visiting the library, however, staff members will inform accompanying adults of problem behavior should the adult fail to notice or volunteer correction.

Iowa code holds parents or legal guardians responsible for their children's fines or the costs of lost or damaged materials.