Library Card


All residents of Iowa are eligible for a free library card from the Upham Memorial Library, you must come into the library to sign up for a library card.

To receive a library card, the requesting person must show a drivers license.   No actual card is issued, the information is kept at the check out desk computer and all information is confidential.

Children under 18 must have their parents signature and each family member is asked to have a card.

Card holders are responsible for the condition of the checked out piece of material(s). If the material(s) is lost or damaged, the borrowing patron must pay for the replacement of that item. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for all materials checked out to their children.

DVD There is limit of 10 checked out per card.

Books are unlimited

New families are limited to a total of three items per family for the first two months on issuance of a library card.

We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality. You can be assured that the questions you ask, the books you borrow, the topics you search and your personal information the library keeps for registration is never shared with anyone, unless ordered by a court.

Check out time limits
Books are checked out for three weeks and they may be renewed twice. 

DVDs are checked out for 1 week and may be renewed once. Please return DVDs in the drop box locatedby the door of the building.

There is no late fines for any materials, but if not returned after 60 days past due date the person will be billed for a replacement.

We also offer Bridges Overdrive with the Libby app. This allows you unlimted access to magazines, audio books and books for all ages. A library card is all that is required to access this free

All Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials are subject to the lending library's due date, which will be noted in the borrowed materials.